Awesome! I love my photos!

Pajama Elegance is incredible! They spent a great deal of time making sure I was completely satisfied with my photos. The photos turned out beautifully. They knew right away which of my best features to zone in on. Loren is very professional and a blast to shoot with. They kept things lively on the set with fun music & funny quips. I highly recommend Pajama Elegance to any woman desiring great photos for someone special.

Ms. T 

I Was Nervous at First, but ended up having a ball!

I was blown away!

Pajama Elegance is absolutely amazing. I have never been able to get over my insecurity with my body, but when I am in front of their lens, they always make me feel so pretty! I was a little nervous on our first shoot because I wasn’t sure what to do. They are so awesome at posing, teaching and directing you throughout the shoot. It is always very relaxed and they even let me listen to the music I want to! :) Their studio is gorgeous: A private area for me to change and all kinds of backgrounds and lighting options. I love that they are open to creating cool shots I’ve seen and magazines or wherever…and they usually end up creating something even better! The session went by so fast because was way too much fun! I was blown away by the gorgeous images they created. Not only are they amazing in the quality themselves, but I never thought I could look so good! I don’t know how they do it, but they are an incredibly talented team, that’s for sure! I look forward to many more shoots in the future!

-Ms. S







Truly Amazing!

I never thought I could do something like this but finally worked up the courage and made my appointment. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did!  Words cannot describe what the Pajama Elegance experience did for my own self-image and confidence. Every image was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you SO much for a wonderful session and the amazing products. I love them!

-Ms. D




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